On Nightshade, Twitter, and Really Nice People

Social networking services like Facebook and Twitter seem to be overloaded with self-centered, acidic, bitchy and down-right mean people. But they’re also full of really great people, and sometimes they prove that in spades by offering to help someone they really don’t know with absolutely no expectation of anything in return. My office manager, Nightshade the Cat, got to experience that kindness first hand just recently and even though she can’t express her appreciation, I can.


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Jeff Does the WWDC ’09 Podcast Circuit

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote was chock full of chewy morsels this year, and apparently I had plenty to say on all the big announcements. iPhone 3G S, iPhone OS 3.0, new MacBook Pros, and more — and I spent plenty of time gabbing about all of that on the iPhone Alley, MacJury and Apple Weekly Report podcasts.


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YouTube Rocks, Just Not for You

You really can find anything you want to see, and even more that you wish you never had, at YouTube. There are some amazingly cool videos available, and some that make you want to push a wire brush through your ear and scrub the memories out of your head. Really. Actually, there are a few videos I wish I could scrub away right now.

Aside from the brain-scrubbing videos, YouTube rocks. It’s packed tight with entertainment, training, video blogs, promotional videos and more. You can’t ask for a better deal as a viewer: YouTube rocks.

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