Size Does Matter

Even though I’ve been told otherwise, I have a feeling size really does matter. OK, people, get your minds out of my pants. I’m talking about our size in relation to everything else in the universe, and I’ve found pretty much the coolest visualization showing how big — or small — we are compared to everything around us.


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YouTube Rocks, Just Not for You

You really can find anything you want to see, and even more that you wish you never had, at YouTube. There are some amazingly cool videos available, and some that make you want to push a wire brush through your ear and scrub the memories out of your head. Really. Actually, there are a few videos I wish I could scrub away right now.

Aside from the brain-scrubbing videos, YouTube rocks. It’s packed tight with entertainment, training, video blogs, promotional videos and more. You can’t ask for a better deal as a viewer: YouTube rocks.

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Damn, Them Apple Guys Are Smart

Friends have been hounding me for years — actually, two seasons, but who’s counting — to watch The Big Bang Theory. Everyone kept telling me how amazingly funny the show is, how I’d be able to see my world played out in the characters, and how the geek and nerd factor would be right up my alley. Yes, they were all right, but it still took no end of cajoling on the part of my friend Lesa Snider King and the gifting of season one from the iTunes Store before I started watching.

It’s true: The Big Bang Theory totally rocks and I should have started watching it sooner. But that’s not the point. The point is that those guys at Apple are frakking smart and anyone that’s worried the little Cupertino-company-that-could will lose relevance now that Steve Jobs is on a medical leave of absence needs to take a big step back and look at the bigger picture. Continue reading