Size Does Matter

Even though I’ve been told otherwise, I have a feeling size really does matter. OK, people, get your minds out of my pants. I’m talking about our size in relation to everything else in the universe, and I’ve found pretty much the coolest visualization showing how big — or small — we are compared to everything around us.


Just point your Web browser to The Scale of the Universe and zoom in to see the smallest object in the universe (quantum foam with a Planck length of 10-35m), or out to see the estimated size of the universe (1026x9.3m).

Get this: The largest known star in the universe? VY Canis Majoris at 1012x3m is big enough to fill most of the distance between our sun and Pluto. That’s frakking huge. Zoom in and you’ll see that your eye lid is only slightly thicker than a single salt crystal, but that’s still substantially thicker than a human hair.

OK, enough talk. Go check out The Scale of the Universe. And why does everybody keep looking at my pants?

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