Italy in Pictures, Part II: Florence

I took a bunch of photos when I was traveling with Mogo Media in Italy at the end of 2009, and one set of photos is already online. Yes, I know it’s been a while waiting for the second batch of photos. Better late than never. This batch includes pics from Florence — both before and after the crazy once-in-a-generation snow storm that left us trapped in a Villa.


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Italy in Pictures, Part I: Venice

I spent a good chunk of December 2009 in Italy helping out Mogo Media’s Barry Anderson with a movie shoot. The trip had a whole film crew and actors hopping around norther Italy from Venice down to Florence and Sienna. Thankfully I had enough common sense to carry a camera with me the entire time, and it turns out quite a few people were interested in the shots I captured. Here’s some from the first week in Venice. Yes, I’ll post more as I get them sorted out.


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Hitting the Road: RSA and NAB 2009

Apparently I’m not satisfied with packing a single conference into a week because I’m about to head out to San Francisco for the RSA Conference 2009, and from there I go to Las Vegas for the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters conference. I’m especially looking forward to the RSA Conference because I’ll be speaking on a panel that’s discussing Mac security in the enterprise.


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I’m Looking Down on You, But in a Good Way

I spent all of last week in Miami Beach at the MOGO media InDesign and Vector conference. It was great, or course, and it marked my first trip ever to Florida. Really. Had I not been such a mellon head on the flight down, I would have snagged some more pictures. You would be amazed at how well the iPhone camera does at 38,000 feet.

I talked about the whole on-the-way-to-Miami experience on my Jeff talks@TMO blog over at The Mac Observer, so I won’t go all re-run mode here. OK, maybe just a little.

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