Italy in Pictures, Part II: Florence

I took a bunch of photos when I was traveling with Mogo Media in Italy at the end of 2009, and one set of photos is already online. Yes, I know it’s been a while waiting for the second batch of photos. Better late than never. This batch includes pics from Florence — both before and after the crazy once-in-a-generation snow storm that left us trapped in a Villa.


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Italy in Pictures, Part I: Venice

I spent a good chunk of December 2009 in Italy helping out Mogo Media’s Barry Anderson with a movie shoot. The trip had a whole film crew and actors hopping around norther Italy from Venice down to Florence and Sienna. Thankfully I had enough common sense to carry a camera with me the entire time, and it turns out quite a few people were interested in the shots I captured. Here’s some from the first week in Venice. Yes, I’ll post more as I get them sorted out.


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