On Nightshade, Twitter, and Really Nice People

Social networking services like Facebook and Twitter seem to be overloaded with self-centered, acidic, bitchy and down-right mean people. But they’re also full of really great people, and sometimes they prove that in spades by offering to help someone they really don’t know with absolutely no expectation of anything in return. My office manager, Nightshade the Cat, got to experience that kindness first hand just recently and even though she can’t express her appreciation, I can.


The story goes like this:
Nightshade managed to hurt her back leg somehow. Most likely by trying to jump up to a high counter. She does it all the time and often manages to slip in the process. The mystery incident left her limping badly, and me in a mild state of WHAT-THE-FRAK.

Of course, it’s a weekend evening and the Vet office is closed. A little online research and leg checking later, and it looks like Nightshade pulled a muscle.

While I’m doting over her to make sure she doesn’t try to jump on anything and hurt herself more, I post a tweet saying that I’m playing nursemaid to my cat and go back to my cat sitting duties. Not too long after my tweet goes out to the world, I get a reply from a Vet that follows me. A Vet I’ve never met in my life, but who is still concerned about my little office manager.

My Office Manager: Nightshade the Cat

This amazingly generous Vet — who will remain unnamed to help avoid people taking advantage of her generosity — offered help and advice 140 characters at a time over several days without asking for anything in return. Yes, the world is filled with mean, bad and selfish people, but there’s lots of good people out there, too, and I consider myself lucky to cross paths with the good ones from time to time.

Its been almost a week since Nightshade managed to gimp herself up, but she’s getting better every day. In fact, she seems to have forgotten she hurt herself and is pretty annoyed that I’m still stopping her from jumping on the counter.

For my Twitter Vet:
If we ever meet in real life, I owe you a big hug. And a drink. You know who you are.

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