Fill ’em if You Got ’em

I record the We Have Communicators podcast pretty much every week with Michael Johnston and Adam Christianson, and it’s no secret that I tend to draw on my iPad during the show. Those drawings end up in the podcast show notes, and somehow the whole deal evolved into me agreeing to put our faces on a mug. I’m pretty sure it’s all Michael’s fault.


So here’s the deal: I drew amazingly life like interpretations of Adam, Michael and me — and by “amazingly life like,” I mean “my usual style, thanks for humoring me, everyone.” Once we were all happy with the design, I slapped our mugs on a mug at Zazzle.

In case you’re interested, I used ArtStudio on my iPad, a Pogo Sketch stylus, and my homemade artist hand puck to avoid accidental gestures showing up as unwanted lines. Next, I exported the drawings as Photoshop files and dropped them into Illustrator so I could make vector versions of our faces. Finally, I uploaded the finished file to Zazzle and lovingly placed it on a mug for your drinking pleasure.

Now that my part is done, it’s your turn. Head on over to Zazzle and order your mug. I made sure there are plenty of mug styles to choose from because I know just how picky you are. Yeah, you’re welcome.

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