Don’t You Want to Wear Me?

It turns out I’m easily distracted, and when I get distracted I tend to draw. Or sometimes I draw to share an idea, make a point, or communicate because words are big and scary. And I share my drawings online.


OK, now here’s the kicker: People have been telling me they want to buy my drawings so they can wear them. On their bodies.

Sometimes, even I can take a hint, so I set up shops at Zazzle and Cafe Press. Why both, you ask? Because I haven’t decided which online store gives me the best balance between product quality and choice.

Yes, I’ll add more stuff over time, too, because I draw like I talk: I just can’t stop.

Go ahead an point your trusty Web browser on over to Zazzle or Cafe Press and wear me. Just like you’ve always wanted to.

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