Jeff Does the WWDC ’09 Podcast Circuit

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote was chock full of chewy morsels this year, and apparently I had plenty to say on all the big announcements. iPhone 3G S, iPhone OS 3.0, new MacBook Pros, and more — and I spent plenty of time gabbing about all of that on the iPhone Alley, MacJury and Apple Weekly Report podcasts.


I’m lucky enough to work in an industry that’s loaded with talent, and I had the chance to talk about Apple’s announcements with a crazy-long list of pros that includes Chris Breen, Michael Johnston, Chuck Joiner, John F. Braun, Terry White, and Bryan Chaffin. We talked about the good and bad with the new iPhone, gave AT&T the smack-down for fumbling on MMS and tethering, and got all worked up in anticipation of Mac OS X 10.6.

It was a true uber geek-fest, and a great reminder that I really do have the best job in the world.

Behind the scenes true fact: I was completely hopped up on Codeine when I did the iPhone Alley podcast thanks to a nasty little gum infection. End result… I’m not that different when I’m drugged or sober. Go figure.

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