Worthy Podcast: From Design Into Print

My good friend Sandee Cohen is wrapping up work on her new book, From Design Into Print (Peachpit Press), which is wonderfully exciting. Equally exciting — and available right now — is her new companion podcast. By no small coincidence, it’s also called From Design Into Print, and is totally worth checking out.


Sandee tackles a single print or design concept in each concise podcast, and she does it with her own unmistakable flair. Whether you’re new to design, prepress or production, or an experienced pro, Sandee’s bound to have something cool to share with you.

You’ll also get a little instant gratification since the podcast is available now, and the book doesn’t come out until some time in May. Everyone deserves a little instant gratification, so head over to Sandee’s Web site or the iTunes Store and check out what she has going on.

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