Jeff Does the WWDC ’09 Podcast Circuit

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote was chock full of chewy morsels this year, and apparently I had plenty to say on all the big announcements. iPhone 3G S, iPhone OS 3.0, new MacBook Pros, and more — and I spent plenty of time gabbing about all of that on the iPhone Alley, MacJury and Apple Weekly Report podcasts.


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June 11: Chatting Up WWDC at CoMUG

Apple kicked off its World Wide Developer Conference earlier this week with some pretty big announcements. You know, like iPhone 3G S, the iPhone Software 3.0 release date, and new MacBook Pro models. I spent all day on June 8 covering WWDC news, and now I’m going to spend the evening of June 11 at the Colorado Mac User Group talking about everything Apple dumped in our laps.


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