March 12: Back at CoMUG

What? Two user group meetings in the same week? Turns out there was more to cover in iPhoto ’09 and iMovie ’09 than time allowed for at CoMUG last month, so I’ll be back to pick up where I left off. That means more iPhoto action, some iMovie action, and probably a few jokes about iPhoto’s face recognition confusing animals with my family.


If you missed last month, it’s still cool to come this month. There’s plenty more to see, and you’ll get up to speed pretty quickly. The meeting is on March 12 at 7PM at the NCAR facility in Boulder.

Oh yeah: The CoMUG crew also hangs out at Ihop in Boulder after the meetings. You know, in case you eat pancakes while you get your tech on.

The evening lineup along with directions is available at the CoMUG Web site.

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