Periodic Table of Type

Type is an elemental part of pretty much any design project, so us font junkies rely on tools like sample books, font managers and our own good taste to pick the right typefaces for our layouts. Since we also tend to be creative types, I just love it when I come across a cool new way to do the same old thing — like viewing fonts as a periodic table of the elements.


The incredibly clever team at Squidspot put together the Periodic Table of Typefaces to show off, as they call it, the “popular, influential, and notorious” typefaces all laid out in a slick looking grid that looks like it belongs on the wall in your high school chemistry class.

Yeah, this find lets me blend together my love for typefaces with my interest in science. This is totally über-geek, and now I’m secretly hoping Tom Lehrer has his eye on the Periodic Table of Typefaces, too.

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