March 10: Hanging with the CapMac Crew

I’m stepping out from behind my desk again, and this time it’s to get all chatty with the CapMac Mac User Group in Austin, Texas. That’s going to be on Tuesday, March 10 at 7PM — and get this: They meet at a pub. A pub!


I’ll be showing some image editing tips and tricks, talking about why you might want to use certain digital image formats in different situations, and for everyone that’s a little light in the pocketbook, I’ll have some tips on free and cheap ways to edit your photos, too.

I’ve never been to Austin, but I hear it’s a great place. Good BBQ, good music, and a bridge with tons of frakking bats. Yeah, Austin sounds like a very cool place to me.

CapMac meets at Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub at 9012 Research Blvd. Directions to the meeting along with a full line up of the evening’s events are available at the CapMac Web site.

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