Yeah, I’m a Tech Junkie

An informal survey of the stuff I use in my day-to-day life has led me to an interesting, yet wholly unsurprising, conclusion. I am a tech junkie. Really.

I sit in front of a MacBook Pro with a 23-inch Cinema Display all day, I always have the latest version of Mac OS X installed, my iPhone is always close at hand, and there is usually an iPod or two sitting on my desk.

I’m all about my TiVo. Please tell me: How did we survive as a species before the advent of digital TV recording? VCR? Puh-leez, that’s like stone knives and bear skin technology.

I saw Andy Ihnatko wearing a Batman-style utility belt once to carry all of his gadgets around. Sometimes I wonder if I should get one for myself. On the other hand, I might just be better off figuring out how to consolidate everything down into fewer devices. Don’t get me wrong: The belt totally worked for Andy.

I have battery backups on all of my gear. Heaven forbid that I should be without broadband or Twitter access even for a moment. Actually, I always have Twitter access thanks to my iPhone… assuming that Twitter is up and running. But that’s not the point. What I’m really driving at is that a complete lack of electricity would put a crimp in my style.

Lucky for me my tech fixation fits in perfectly with my chosen profession. Since I write about this stuff all the time, I can claim that this is all necessary just to do my job.

That has got to be saving me tons in therapy.

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