Holy Crap! I’m an Info Junkie, Too

After my revelation that I’m a tech junkie, it seems only appropriate that I proclaim my long-standing status as an information junkie, too. Yeah, if I’m not connected, I’m sure I must be missing out on something.

My Internet life means that I usually spend a crazy amount of time pouring through RSS feeds — a feat that used to be made far easier thanks to my first true RSS love: NewsMac Pro. Sadly, this true gem of the RSS world went away because it just couldn’t compete with NetNewsWire Pro.

ThinkMac Software made the move from the power user RSS market to the heavy-but-still-casual market with its nifty Newslife. I totally love this app, but it just doesn’t quite have enough horse power for me, and it doesn’t sync feeds with my iPhone like NetNewsWire does.

I made my permanent switch to NetNewsWire Pro, now just NetNewsWire, mere days before the savvy gang at newsgator started giving it away for free. The end result? I have an RSS reader that fulfills most of my needs, but adds the really slick ability to sync feeds with my trusty iPhone. If I could set up my color coded keyword filters, just like I did with NewsMac Pro, I would be set.

Here’s how much of an info junkie I am: Right after I wake up in the morning, I put on my glasses and then reach for my iPhone. First, it’s a quick email check for me, then off to Twitter, Digg, and my NetNewsWire RSS page.

After I have basic handle on my news world — and a proper tooth brushing, or course — I’m off to my office and my big screen with lots more news and info. A whole new day loaded with luscious information just waiting for me to discover.

Considering that I write about newsworthy stuff most of the day anyhow, this works out pretty well for me.

I know, someone out there in the mighty dump truck and tube-laden intarwebs is thinking “Dude! You really need some help! You have an addiction thing going on here!”

Lucky for me, Mr. intarweb guy, you are wrong: Even though I relish in the information I absorb every day, I get that sometimes you need to unplug… You know, for like ten minutes, or something.

OK, really, I unplug for longer than ten minutes. An open space sits only steps away outside my window, the mountains are short drive away, and I have found that interacting with real human beings can be quite invigorating at times. OK, Nightshade the cat (my office manager) makes sure that I take info-breaks periodically throughout the day, too. All draws that I just can’t resist.

Yeah, I may be an information junkie, but I’m not an addict. And I live in a society that’s willing to pay me to be an information junkie.

How can you beat that?

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