Tech Pillows: For Your Sleepy Inner Nerd

OK, I just want to make sure everyone understands right up front that I don’t have some kind of pillow fetish just because I happen to come across cool stuff that so happens to be, well, pillow shaped. That said, how can you possibly resist something as cool as your own RSS pillow, or maybe your own Mac app pillow set?


The brilliantly talented crew at Throwboy turned Mac application icons — along with the standard RSS badge — into sweet pillowy goodness. They recreated the Finder, iTunes, iChat, iPhoto, Photo Booth and Dashboard all in fleece so you can snuggle up with your favorite app even when your Mac isn’t on the couch with you.

But wait! There’s more! Along with the RSS pillow, they also have a series of chat bubble pillows with classic sayings like “OMG,” FML,” and my favorite, “wtf.”

Each pillow will set you back $29, or you can choose any six for $149. I’m already eyeing the RSS pillow. And maybe the Finder. OK, and “wtf,” too. Oh, man… FML.

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