Periodic Table of Elements, But Cooler

Our ability to categorize and catalog our surroundings is pretty amazing, and the periodic table of the elements is one of the best examples of how we’ve used those traits to add structure to the chaos that surrounds us. Imagine my delight when a friend gave me what I consider to be the coolest periodic table I’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s on the wall in my office so I can check it out every day.


The PTE Charles gave me is actually a photographic table, which adds the extra coolness of being able to see the elements instead of just referencing their properties. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that elements like Rutherfordium, Meitnerium and Einsteinium actually look like real people. Amazing!

You can pick up your own photographic PTE at It’s available as posters, 3D lenticular posters, place mats, and decks of playing cards.

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