Mars Curiosity + TARDIS = Swoon

OK, so Curiosity is on Mars and sending back high resolution images to Earth and holy crap is that frakking amazing, or what? Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I just had to add my own special touch to Curiosity’s panorama shot of Mount Sharp.

Mars tardis small

Yes, that’s the TARDIS in the distance. Yes, I spent about five minutes in Photoshop making that happen. I’m pretty sure Bowie Base One is somewhere just out of the shot. Just kidding. Curiosity is in Gale Crater, and Bowie Base One is in Gustav Crater.

And I have to wonder: Does the TARDIS engine sound as powerful in the thin atmosphere on Mars?

Want to see the full panorama with the TARDIS? No problem; here you go.

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