I’m Talking at Macworld/iWorld 2014. A lot.

Macworld/iWorld 2014 is coming up quickly, and this year will be pretty busy for me. Along with my usual event coverage, product hunting, and interviews for The Mac Observer, I’m speaking twice and have a couple live podcast events, too. Did I mention I’ll be busy? And I have a discount for you, too.


First up, you can see me speak at two conference sessions; one on fitness technology, and another on wearable tech. Here’s the descriptions from the Macworld/iWorld website:

Fitness Tech: Getting Healthy with Your Mac and iPhone Just because you sit in front of a computer doesn’t mean you can’t lose some extra weight and get in better shape. In fact, your Mac and iPhone may be the tools to get you started and help keep you on track. Add in the right fitness tracker and apps and it’s having your own personal trainer. Join in to learn about fitness and weight trackers from companies like Fitbit, Nike, Withings, and Scosche, how to use them as part of your fitness routine with your iPhone or Mac, and how to keep yourself motivated while you work towards making a healthier you. It’s totally possible to lose weight and get into shape with the help from some inexpensive tech gear, and Jeff will show you how — he lost over 50 pounds to prove it.

Wearable Tech: What’s Hot, What’s Not Our tech gear doesn’t just on our desks or get tossed into a shoulder bag any more. We wear it, and it’s a fashion statement. It might go on your wrist, over your ear, or even on your eyes. It might link you to the rest of the world, to your car, or to the smartphone in your pocket. Sometimes it tells you about what’s happening in your world, or tracks what’s happening in your life. Some wearable tech ideas are great, and others… not so much. Join in to learn what’s happening in the world of wearable technology, see the latest trends, and find out what’s coming next.

My fitness session is on Thursday, March 27, at 2PM pacific time, and my Wearable Tech session is on Friday, March 28, at 1PM pacific time.

Now let’s talk podcasts. The British Tech Network’s The Mac Show is recording live from the Second Stage on the expo floor at 3:15PM pacific time on Thursday, March 27. The show is hosted by Ewen Rankin, and along with me you’ll get to see Don McAllister, Paul Wheatley, and Adam Christianson.

Mac Roundtable is live on the Second Stage at 11:30AM pacific time on Friday, March 28. Chuck Joiner will be moderating with Allison Sheridan, David Sparks, Katie Floyd, Don McAllister, Adam Christianson, Dave Hamilton, John F. Braun, and me. May the Lords of Kobol have mercy on Chuck’s soul.

I also have a discount for you just because you’re so awesomely wonderful. How about $100 off your conference pass because you made it this far. No, really. Just head on over to my special Macworld/iWorld registration page and your discount will be ready and waiting for you. Hop to it, because the special discount ends on March 14.

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