Gag Me With a Logo

You know how bad it is when you see Microsoft Office clip art logos on the sides of trucks? It can get worse than that. Much worse. Really. I found the proof at


The Web site is a collection of some of the absolute worst logo designs ever, all on display for your morbid viewing curiosity. Clip art out of control, color disasters, and fonts gone wild — typically all in the same logo.

Jay Nelson and I spent a few minutes talking about the site on the Design Tools Weekly podcast, too. Feel free to point your Web browser over there and take a listen.

Sweet Baby Jeebus, please make it stop.

Sure, I’m poking fun at the atrocities gracing the site’s pages, but it’s also a great place to learn what not to do when designing a logo. The bottom line is if you aren’t a professional designer you probably shouldn’t create your company’s logo, and you can see exactly why by browsing through the gems highlighted at

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