February 12: Talking It Up at CoMUG

I’ll be opening my big mouth in public instead of on the Internet on Thursday, February 12, at the Mac User Group in Boulder, Colorado. That’s CoMUG for those in the know. I’m going to be showing off what’s new and cool in iPhoto and iMovie ’09, and I promise to do my best to be a little more compelling than Phil Schiller was when he demoed iLife ’09 during Macworld Expo in January.


OK, shame on me. Phil did a pretty good job, especially considering Apple gave him the short end of the stick when they dumped their final expo keynote presentation on him.

But enough about Macworld. Let’s get back to CoMUG: You can get a full line up of the meeting presentations and directions on how to get there at the CoMUG Web site. See you there.

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