Chit Chat Across the Pond: I Get to Hang with Allison on Nosillacast

Getting invited to be on a podcast for the first time is always a blast for me, especially when it means I get to hang out with a great friend like Allison Sheridan. Yep, she asked me to be on the Chit Chat Across the Pond segment on her weekly Nosillacast Mac Podcast — and the fact that we chatted over the mountains instead of the ocean wasn’t lost on me.


With Apple’s recent unveiling of OS X Mountain Lion it’s no surprise that we had plenty to talk about. A whole hour’s worth of chatting, in fact. Allison is loads of fun to talk with, and without her self control to cut our conversation off after an hour we’d probably still be talking. Days later. Really.

Interested in hearing what I have to say about more iOS features showing up in OS X, Gatekeeper, iCloud, Notification Center, and some rabbit holes we couldn’t help but head down? Then point your browser over to Allison’s website and take a listen.

Or go the the iTunes Store. Whatever. I’m easy.

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